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Appassionata Program

Program 2017 (Oct 2016-June 2017)

This is an educational program that serves the needs of young artists. It is the entry port for becoming a
soloist with the Thousand Oaks Philharmonic.

What students can expected with Appassionata! registration:
Honors seminar master classes for piano and instrumentalists. (Traditionally piano & violin, but if sufficient numbers of other string, brass, woodwind or vocal students enroll, master classes will be scheduled for them.)
Guest lectures on a variety of subject matters, including:
How to prepare for and perform a successful audition.
Stylistic principles in various historical eras of music.
How to control stress and nerves in performance.

What students can expect:
Professional-level training and building relationships with university professors and performing artists.
Socialization with other high-achieving students interested in the same art form.
A resume building activity while they elevate their personal artistry.
Performance opportunities before festivals, competitions, or college/conservatory auditions.
Performance experience for various syllabus examination programs.
General performing experience.
Finale gala recital featuring seminar class members.

HAMMERED! The Honors Piano Performance Seminar Series

Strings Master Class Series

Performance opportunities with repertoire for college/conservatory auditions.
Performance experience for various syllabus examination programs.
General performing experience.
Note: master classes are scheduled when a sufficient number of students are enrolled.

The Appassionata Recital Series—Available to all students
As part of Appassionata! enrollment, all students are eligible to volunteer to perform at various recitals scheduled throughout the session, (8-10 recitals are normally scheduled). They take place at churches, community service centers, libraries, retirement communities and other appropriate locations. All Appassionata! students are eligible and are encouraged to perform. The TOPhil covers the expenses for instrumentalists who need an accompanist at the actual performance. (Note: Rehearsal fees for accompanists are not covered.)

This is a tremendous opportunity to earn Community Service credit. It is an amazing opportunity to gain experience before evaluations, major auditions or performances.

Season Ticket Allowance

Every student who enrolls in Appassionata! receives 2 season tickets to the TOPhil’s Opus Concerts. The TOPhil performs three concerts in its annual series each featuring students invited from auditions before a panel that includes the conductor and other professional musicians. One adult and one student season ticket are given to each enrolled student.

Audition to be a Soloist with the Professional Orchestra

Though there is no deadline for entering the Appassionata program, there is a deadline if you wish to audition for a concerto appearance with the orchestra. That deadline is October 31. Concerto requirements are listed on our website, but basically require a movement of a standard concerto or concert piece or aria for the instrument/voice and orchestra. Contemporary works or those that are rarely performed may have challenges involving availability of orchestra score and parts. If your proposed piece may enter this category, be sure to contact the TOPhil before entering to be sure a performance is possible. If you wish to enter, send your name, age, address, composer & piece, approx. duration, teacher and other standard contact info to Ornela Ervin by 11:59pm, October 31:

(We ask for your address because there is a geographic requirement to be eligible for the soloist opportunity in the program—that is: Ventura County residents and those who live immediately adjacent. If you aren’t sure if you are eligible, contact us for clarification:

Viola, Cello, ContraBass, Wind, Brass, Percussion and vocal students who wish to participate in the concerto auditions may do so, and since there is no requirement to join Appassionata, there is a $50 audition fee. Unlike piano and most strings, these sections of instrumentalists do not typically enroll in sufficient numbers to provide all of the master class benefits given to violin and piano students, but we would like to encourage their participation and eventually they may accumulate a population in our program and can benefit the same way our current crop of students does.

Registration fees.

All Piano:              $300   

All Instrumentalists and Strings: $250

The registration process will require filling in a form which includes the contact information and to better serve the student his education and musical level and contact information. Credit Card payment will complete the process. It will take only a few minutes to fill if you have all your information. It is recommended that you look at the form by pressing "Here" below,  gather all the information, credit card and come back to complete the process.

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 The Thousand Oaks Philharmonic Conductor’s Program is designed to give young conductors the opportunity to conduct an overture or other short work part of one of the Thousand Oaks Philharmonic Opus concert during the concert season.    Conductors must be from Ventura County or adjacent areas as above or have studied with a music teacher in Ventura County for eligibility.   If you are interested in this opportunity please contact our music director John Roscigno at for the audition application and additional information.

Soloist Opus performance contribution.

To register and pay click: Here