A message from Ornela Ervin,

TOPHIL Appassionata program director.

Our students continue to share their music in our Musical Bagatelles program. They hope to brighten your days with their music selection and put a smile on your face.

December 19 2020

The Wang sisters Marisa and Jaylinn are playing a duet by Catherine Rollin titled: Parisian Waltz.

Enjoy the performance: HERE

December 29 2020

We hope that the New Year will be full of positive energy, great rhythm and exhilaration just like the Muczynski’s Toccata Op. 15 played by Appassionata student Eric Zhang.

We wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous new year filled with music and laughter!

Eric Zhang playing Toccata Op. 15, Muczynski.

Enjoy the performance: HERE

January 6 2021

We are offering French music.
Appassionata student Trinity Bliss will delight you playing Villageoises No. 1, 3, 4 and coda by Poulenc

Press: HERE

January 12 2021

We are continuing our series with:

Andante from Bach’s Sonata for Violin in A minor, BWV 1003, No. 2

by string Appassionata student, Aidan Fu.

Access: HERE

When asked  about his selection that he chose to share with us Aidan said:

“I love Bach’s music because it is so comforting. To me, it feels as if I’m coming back home. It feels so naturally written and it seems almost as if it was written as it went along. Bach is definitely someone with whom I love spending time, and try to do so as much as I can”

January 25 2021

Appassionata student Raymond Tan plays

Praeambulum from Partita No. 5 in G major, BWV 829 by Bach.

Raymond enjoys being part of the Appassionata program because he feels that piano is a solitary instrument and the Appassionata program offers him an opportunity to share his music interests with likeminded students.

Access the performance: HERE

February 11 2021

Appassionata student Mina Jung plays

Etude No. 5 in E major, “La Chasse” by Franz Liszt

The Liszt/ Paganini Etudes are a series of six Etudes based on the compositions of Niccolo Paganini for violin, and are among the most technically demanding pieces in the piano literature. Etude No. 5 is composed after the 9th caprice.

Hope you enjoy the flutes and horns announcing the beginning of a hunt, a popular pastime for royals and aristocrats at the time.

Access the performance: HERE

February 24 2021

Appassionata student Allison Laak plays

Etude in G Minor by Moszkowski 

Allison loves the thrilling energy of this fun etude and would like to wish her Appassionata fellow members a successful Certificate of Merit testing season.

Access the performance: HERE

March 3 2021

Our bagatelle series continues

Appassionata student Eric Zhang plays

Concert Etude No. 2 Gnomenreigen by Liszt 

 the Dance of the Gnomes.

The Etude is known for its technical difficulty in its fast and soft passages, where the pianist imitates the sound of gnomes.

Access the performance: HERE

March 10 2021

Appassionata student Michelle Qi plays

Bach Prelude in E major BWV 854 from the Well Tempered Clavier I.

Michelle loves the serenity of this prelude. She loves to hear the harmonies blossom as the chord progression slowly makes its way back to the final E major chord.

Michelle hopes her playing will bring everyone a sense of peace and calm as they listen to the prelude.

Access the performance: HERE

March 19 2021

String Appassionata student Roxana Niazi plays

Mozart Violin Concerto No 3 in G major, Allegro

Roxana hopes to very soon be able to play live concerts and dreams to one day play the Mozart violin concerto with the Thousand Oaks Philharmonic.

She’d like to thank her teacher, Elise Goodman for continuing to inspire her towards excellence in music during the online lessons and she’d like to thank all her teachers and instructors that made teaching during the pandemic enjoyable and fun!

 Access the performance: HERE

April 12 2021

Appassionata student Benjamin Chung plays 

Gigue from the French Suite
No. 5 in G Major, BWV 816 by J. S. Bach

Benjamin wanted to share this particular Gigue with TOPHIL supporters because the joy, energy and rhythm of this dance reflects how we all feel about getting closer to defeating the Covid 19 virus. 

Benjamin looks forward to playing the Shostakovich Piano Concerto No. 2 in the fall with the orchestra. 

Access the performance: HERE

If you enjoy the performances, please remember to continue your much needed support for the future of the arts. We truly appreciate it!